Pet Tag SPECIAL: Only $1.00 a tag (75 TAGS)

Pet Tag SPECIAL: Only $1.00 a tag (75 TAGS)
Pet Tag Special: Only $1.00 a tag. THIS ORDER IS FOR 75 TAGS, including SHIPPING COST. You CHOOSE: DOGBONE SHAPE or HEART SHAPE for the tag shape. This is a great way to start getting tags on your animals at a very low cost. The lettering is stamped, not engraved. The lettering is blackened with wax so it is easy to read. All tags are stainless steel. They are long lasting. This is great for animal rescue groups, SPCA's, animal shelters, pet sitters, kennels, etc. You can have up to 4 lines of information on the tags. You can have sequential numbering (i.e. tag # 001, tag # 002, tag # 003), so you can keep a record for what pet has what numbered tag on their collar. The most important information is a really good contact phone number. Email any questions or special requests to johndavidhendrick@gmail.com


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